Announcement and Questions…

Greetings and Salutations Everyone!

As many of you know this site has been somewhat neglected. That is something that we are planning to remedy soon. Hopefully we will be having at least some weekly content coming soon. But in the mean time I would like some feed back from everyone that sees this…. What would you like to see as far as that weekly content?

○ Health tip/tricks?
○ FAQs ?
○ Submitted Q&A?
○ Inspirational Quotes?
○ Something else?

Let’s hear from you. Be sure to mention in the comment or e-mail if you are a member of The Eden Wellness Alliance so that we can take that in consideration. We look forward to hearing from you! Until then have a great day, God bless, and enjoy!

“Break” Bad?

No, I never saw the show Breaking Bad, but the title works. Why? Because, you may have noticed that we have taken a brief hiatus from the blog in the past couple weeks. Is that a “bad” thing? No, and here is why…
Taking a break is okay. You keep you fervor, and drive for something if you are able to back off a bit every now and then, and decompress. Is it good to have a strong drive; a passion for what you do? Of course! But, as many of us know, if you burn the candle at both ends it burns out much faster. That is what literally happens to your life when you let a certain passion consume you without taking a little time off from it to let your mind refresh itself, and restore your energy.
Now, someone might think that such breaks would decrease your productivity. However, the opposite is true. Many studies have shown that productivity increases after a satisfying break from the work. Giving your all at something is great, but what does that really mean? Well, we will discuss that next time, but today think about your current working schedule. If you are not liking the activities you once did you may be about to burn out. To prevent that take a little break. Even if that is as simple as going out of town for a weekend, do it! Relax those days, and let your mind recharge. You may find that when you go back to work you will be re-energized.
As always, have a great day, God bless, and enjoy!

In truth, sincerity, and sincerity,
Adam L. Spain, President and Trustee of The Eden Wellness Alliance

I think so…

I think so… It sounds natural, and easy, right? We say it everyday. Do we mean it though? When we say to someone, or even to ourselves, that we think we can do it is it true, or are we just saying that because we don’t want to seem inadequacy? Perhaps we have doubt’s about our capabilities? Maybe there are others on the job that have more education, or experience, or clout? You know what? It doesn’t matter what they can do. It matters what YOU can do. The opportunity didn’t come to them! It came to you!
Remember; perseverance always trumps education. Is there someone who is better than you at this, or that?  So, what? They have all of their life to do those things. What are you planning to do? Are you going to give your life to someone else and say “Here ya’ go. Do what you want to with it!”, or are you going to take this life that God has blessed you with, and really LIVE it? You can! KNOW you can! The choice is yours alone. No one can make it for you. Today, as you sit reading this you are presented with the choice. Survive, or THRIVE! What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? DO IT! BE IT! HAVE IT! You, no one else YOU, decide. God is ready for you to pick. You might say you were born ready. 😉

Have a great day, God bless, and enjoy!

In truth, sincerity, and love,
Adam L. Spain, President and Trustee of The Eden Wellness Alliance

A Time For Every Purpose

As Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 points out; there is a time, and purpose for everything. During springtime we often get the urge to clean out the old things, and freshen up. Whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual junk, we want it cleaned out. It is the natural cycle of our systems to feel this way during this time of the year.
The best thing that you can do is take advantage of these this up tick in motivation. If you feel like cleaning out the garage then do it! If you feel like beginning a exercise regiment then get out there, and sweat! If you feel like learning more about God then dig in, and study! Work with your natural rhythm. You get more done that way.
Some might say “Well, Adam, I start out good, but then loose motivation halfway through”. To remedy this simply pick something you want to get done, and resolve to work on it a little everyday. It doesn’t have to be big things. A little work here and a little work there everyday, and soon enough you will see that goal get closer, and closer to completion. Remember, consistency wins the day in the end.
So , this week pick something your want to get “Cleaned up”, and then make a plan to work on it a little everyday. In no time you will not only see the results, but you will feel better too. As always; have a great day, God bless, and enjoy! 🙂

In truth, sincerity, and love,
Adam L. Spain, President and Trustee of The Eden Wellness Alliance

The Real “Supermarket Pharmacy”

Last time we talked about how the foods we eat everyday can actually be a natural, healthy, nutritional, medicine to us. So, this time let’s cover a few foods that are common in our diet.

We all have had tried lemon, and it is common to get it in the restaurants with our water for flavor. But lemon is so much more than just an additive for flavor! Lemon has been used to improve or eliminate acne because of it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. That is not all it does for the skin though. People with eczema, corns, calluses, and just flat tough skin can benefit from the skin healing effects of lemon. If that wasn’t enough the humble lemon (and all the citrus fruits for that matter) boost your mood. Anxious? Fatigued? Depressed? Even if you just smell lemons it can help bust up that emotional funk!

Popeye was right! This stuff does make you stronger! From blood sugar levels, to bone health, to cancer prevention; this little green is powerful. It is packed with vitamins, and minerals that your body loves. Even your skin benefits from you eating this plant. It can even help topically as a poultice for sunburns.

Hot Peppers
Spicy? Yes, but oh so worth the heat! Hot peppers like jalapeños, and cayenne are are like little dynamite packages full of antioxidants! From cancer, to circulatory health they cover a wide gamut of situations. And before you count off that heat they make you feel know this; them making you sweat is actually GOOD FOR YOU! It promotes detoxification, and cleansing of the system while simultaneously perking up your metabolic activity so you burn off that extra fat and water you are carrying around. Awesome little things, they are!

I hope that you liked this blog update. Today take some time to look in your refrigerator, and see what “Food-icine” you have in there. As always; have a great day, God bless, and ENJOY! 🙂

In truth, sincerity, and love,
Adam L. Spain, President and Trustee of The Eden Wellness Alliance


We talked about the philosophical eating of the elephant last post so let’s talk about the real life eating now. What is with the title? Well, food really can be your medicine. Hippocrates said:

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food.”

This may sound funny, and philosophical to some, but it really is true. All the talk about supplements, diets, superfoods, and other things seems to be really good, but we often forget that it is the foods that we eat everyday that make the difference in our health. That green superfood shake that you have once per week is not going to balance out the bacon, eggs, and sausage you have every morning. Not to mention things like vitamins, supplements, and superfood shakes are often pretty pricey.
We don’t have to go overboard to start eating healthy. A simple, everyday approach will often get you farther than a big, difficult one. For starters; instead you can start including a salad at every meal. A small, simple, fresh green salad can make a world of difference in energy levels, and nutrition. Also, substitute a surgery snack for some mixed fruit, banana chips, or berries. These sound simple, and elementary, but SIMPLE WORKS! Things do not have to be complicated to be effective. There are lots of ways to get more out of your food than just focusing on those sometimes expensive superfoods and supplements.
Next time we will cover the health benefits of some foods that you are already familiar with, and eating, but may not have thought of as “medicine”.
Have a great day, God bless, and ENJOY! 🙂

In truth, sincerity, and love,
Adam L. Spain, President and Trustee of The Eden Wellness Alliance
211 North Greenwood Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas